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Thank you for coming to my website! I am Inanna Ravenstar . . . I bring healing through Energetic Healing aka Native Shamanic Healing or Cosmic Healing or Galactic Healing. You were guided here for a reason. Please look around and see all the amazing techniques I use to help people like you put negative energies behind  and begin living more satisfying lives. I’d love to hear about your situation.  

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Harnessing the Power of Cosmic Energy to Heal

We are surrounded by a positive energy field abundantly fueled by the Cosmic Energy of all Creation. In the Star Wars film series this was called “The Force.” Think of it as an energy field created by all living things, surrounding and penetrating us, and binding the universe together. It is variously called Prana, Chi, Ki, Kundalini or Lifeforce and is responsible for physical, mental and spiritual sustenance. Cosmic Energy Healing practices can reduce negativity, aid in complete healing, create harmony and balance in life and expand our consciousness.

Cosmic Energy Activation

For your personal session, I first locate and remove any negative energetic blockages from past physical, emotional and spiritual traumas – in this lifetime or others. Then I perform an empowering Galactic Clearing with Cosmic Energy and Sacred Geometry of the Universe. You receive energetic transmissions and downloads clearing negative Karma and activating a positive direction forward for you.  

Benefits of Cosmic Healing

I had my first Galactic Healing with Inanna via Zoom on 12/7/20. I prefer in person sessions because for whatever reason, in my mind, I believe I’ll get more out of it so I wasn’t sure how I’d feel about an online healing. The online healing was an amazing experience and exactly what I needed. I had been feeling a bit disconnected, depleted, and just ‘out of whack’. I felt the energy during the healing; I felt a tingling sensation. I felt so calm and relaxed, I thought I was going to nod off. Inanna also provided me with tools I can use on a daily basis for self-healing. After the session I felt serene and worry-free. I had a sense of “everything is going to be okay.” The Galactic Healing was very beneficial so I decided to schedule a second session 2 weeks out and I will continue to invest in my healing. She is by far the best mentor, healer, and Shaman I’ve had the opportunity to work with thus far. I highly recommend Inanna Ravenstar!  — Alma Sanchez

Shamanic Healing

When making positive changes in their lives, many turn to shamanic healing to help them on their journey. This is a technique which helps you learn how to heal and take responsibility for your own well-being going forward.  Shamanism is one of the oldest forms of spiritual practice, dating back thousands of years. When connections to the spiritual world are lost, it can lower one’s strength to negative experiences (including physical illness), feelings, and emotions, damaging the balance felt in mind, body, and spirit. Shamanic energy healing helps to restore the power we have over our lives, using energies in the world around us to heal physically, emotionally, and spiritually.
Learning shamanic techniques enables you to connect with such energies through a meditative state, taking you on a shamanic journey. You can even use the skills of a shamanic teacher to heal while they connect to the spiritual world for you, calling upon their own powerful teacher spirits.

Free 20-minute Consultation

Intrigued? Hopeful? Unsure? Try my 20-minute free consultation special during which we discuss your current status and what you wish to accomplish. I can then offer you a course of healing from my toolkit considering your resources and personal preferences. This can be done remotely by phone or zoom session if desired. 


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