Client Healing Experiences

Client Healing Experiences

Inanna Ravenstar formerly performed her healing practices as MELISSA Ravenstar, so named in some reviews below

Hi Inanna   Just been thinking about you and hope you and your Daughter are doing ok !  What a Freaken Year Man ! Thank you for everything you have done for me ! You most definitely got me through it for sure !  Just wanted to say Hi! God Bless you!

Thanks Troy

 I feel like Inanna has helped save my life in more ways than one. Not only did she turn around my Covid symptoms in a day with her healing channeling, she has helped me heal lifetimes of trauma with her cellular release protocols. 2020 has been the best and most challenging year of my life and I know I am transforming many past lifetimes to become a master in this lifetime. I can use all the help I can get and Inanna has been a gift in opening my heart.

ShaktiShiva      Chelsea Kyle

I met Inanna Ravenstar at the BMS Expo a couple years ago. The 20 minute reading she provided at the Expo was on point so I decided to schedule a full one hour session with her at her office. During the session she connected with Spirit who gave her key messages regarding my life. Some of the stuff that came up where things that I had never verbally discussed with anyone; they were merely thoughts so I knew she was legitimate. Inanna not only provided me with messages from Spirit that I needed to know to help me in my life but she also provided services and tools to help me heal so that I may let go of things, thoughts, emotions that were no longer serving me. Inanna is very knowledgeable and accurately interprets the messages she receives from Spirit. Inanna also teaches Reiki and in 2019 I decided to learn Reiki so that I can help others as Inanna has helped me. We met a few times through the course of a few weeks in which she reviewed material with me. She was patient, clear, and to the point and answered any questions I had. I am grateful that we crossed paths; she has been a great teacher and mentor for me and I continue to see Inanna for energetic healing, learning, and personal growth. I definitely recommend her and the services she offers.

Alma Sanchez

Melissa came to our home and helped us start the healing process from the loss of our 23 year old daughter 1 year ago. We felt good after the session and would book with her again, soon! thank you Melissa xoxoxo

Lana Dunkirk Spradling

A former roommate adopted an 11-year-old dog from the Humane Society. The dog was friendly and eager to please, but obviously suffered from abandonment issues. Ravenstar had come to give me an energy healing session, but sensing the dog’s trauma and confusion, kneeled in front of him and provided trauma release healing for him. I recommend her both as a human AND animal healer!!!

Chris Guleff

I have been seeing Melissa for about 3 years now. She has helped me through a very difficult, manipulative divorce. I credit her for moving me through the pain much faster. I have done energy healings, cellular release, cord cuttings, dna cap removal, and most recently angelic reiki. She has helped me with deep seated issues that go much further and deeper than my recent relationship. She has also worked on both of my children as well as my dog who loves to go see Melissa. I am truly grateful for the work Melissa does!

Cara Leonard

I have worked with Melissa in person several times and just had an amazing remote session…I cannot begin to describe the next level healing Melissa is offering! Past lives, cord cutting and so much more. I highly recommend Melissa as a guide to help people work through emotional and energetic blockages and imbalances. She is amazing!

Nikki Benatovich